Development of Zero-Emission Simulator

As global environmental problems such as global warming, forest decreases and soil deterioration are getting worse and worse, it is necessary to take immediate action. In order to solve these problems, it is important to reconsider the structure of mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal and to build the effective system in each stage such as production, circulation, logistics, consumption, disposal and recycle of product.

In our laboratory, we have developed the zero-emission simulator which supports zero-emission in the community, in terms of disposal of garbage and recycle. This system searches for the best transportation route of waste to the trash disposal facility on the map by using GIS. In other words, this simulator able to search for the best position of trash disposal facility which minimize the total disposal cost and the needed waste management ability. The result of this system enables the plan of an effective trash disposal facility installation that considers the economy and the environmental impact, etc.

This figure is the example of calculation of a disposal cost of flammable waste in the Aichi area. The point in the map expresses trash disposal facility, and a result of the simulation is shown in a window of the lower right.