Development of an Infrastructure of Knowledge for Optimizing Chemical System

 Global environmental problems are critical issues that we should attack with every scientific technology developed in human history. Our objective is to approach and solve such problems taking a broader view on the basis of the viewpoint of chemical system engineering. We are researching on global environmental problems through developing and applying an infrastructure of knowledge and information with methods of knowledge-based information engineering.


In order to achieve optimization of a chemical system as a whole, we should make several information and tools cooperate with each other and use them comprehensively. It means that optimization of each component and elemental process does not always lead to global optimum solution. For example, in order to reduce and minimize risks in a process, it is necessary to optimize totally by considering various information and technical elements related to cost, safety, and the environment, involving reaction process.

We focus on “What to Make (Molecular Design and Material Design)”, “How to Make (Reaction Design)”, and “Whether it has been Made (Structure Analysis)” and then we construct an idea on integrated system as a infrastructure of information and practical system by active application of knowledge-based information methods for valuable design and prediction. We also research desirable relationships and entire systematization of several pieces of chemical information such as information on each phase of material design.